About Us

Avanta Investment Management Limited

About Us

Since Avanta Investment Management Limited was first established, we have addressed the needs of clients looking to increase their wealth while protecting what they already have, not only for themselves but also for future generations. We are a company that values and cultivates long-term relationships and treats each client as a unique individual with distinct needs and objectives.

Our made-to-measure solutions are tailored to each client`s specific needs and are regularly reviewed to ensure they are aligned with any changes in circumstances.

We strive to be the best financial advocate we can be. From regular communication and close contact support to proactive planning, we help you create a financial roadmap, one that will take you safely to your ultimate destination, whatever bumps in the road may be encountered. By helping you better evaluate the options available and make smarter decisions along the way, you will have a clear plan for the future and achieve your goals quicker.

Every roadmap we create differs slightly from the next, in the same way that each person is a little different. While the overall aims of most people are generally the same, to build and protect wealth for now and the future, there are many possible routes available to get there. By understanding your individual situation, family circumstances, timeline, and other factors, we can find the best way to move forward for you.

Avanta Investment Management Limited is independent and free from ties to other financial organizations, so you can be sure that all decisions we make are in your best interests and not made in the pursuit of selling tied products or filling sales quotas. We strongly believe independence is the direction our company should maintain.

The senior management team that energizes our business is shown below, and all can be contacted directly by email if you have any questions or queries you would like to put to them. We believe in transparency and have an open-door policy to hear criticism or listen to ways our business can be improved. As hard as we try, we understand there are always opportunities to do better.

Senior Management Team

Name Position Email
Benji Chou CEO b.chou@avantainvesthk.com
Man Chak COO m.chak@avantainvesthk.com
Leung Lam CFO l.lam@avantainvesthk.com
Alan Walsh Director of Institutional Trading a.walsh@avantainvesthk.com
Yuan Wang Chief Securities Lawyer y.wang@avantainvesthk.com
Oliver Young Head of Retail Trading o.young@avantainvesthk.com
Tiffany Lang Head of Accounts t.lang@avantainvesthk.com
Thomas Chow Global Analyst t.chow@avantainvesthk.com
Christopher Jackson Senior Wealth Advisor c.jackson@avantainvesthk.com

Asset Managers

Name Email
Michael Brown m.brown@avantainvesthk.com
Alistair Rice a.rice@avantainvesthk.com
Craig Kingsley c.kingsley@avantainvesthk.com
Kin Ko k.ko@avantainvesthk.com
Ching Leung c.leung@avantainvesthk.com
Kwan Chan k.chan@avantainvesthk.com
Patrick Turner p.turner@avantainvesthk.com
Richard Morrison r.morrison@avantainvesthk.com
Sebastian Hanson s.hanson@avantainvesthk.com
Steve Kwok s.kwok@avantainvesthk.com
Thomas Goodman t.goodman@avantainvesthk.com
Bobby Morgan b.morgan@avantainvesthk.com
Joseph Bellamy j.bellamy@avantainvesthk.com
Henry Castillo h.castillo@avantainvesthk.com
Jack Smith j.smith@avantainvesthk.com
Mark James m.james@avantainvesthk.com