Estate Planning

Multi-Generational Legacies

Estate Planning

When estate planning is mentioned, most people`s first thoughts concern their wills. Estate planning is more than that one document. While a properly written and executed will ensures your assets go to the person, people, or entities you want to benefit, (in most circumstances), but by itself, it does nothing to ensure your estate doesn’t pay unnecessary taxes for example, a factor that can dramatically affect the amount you leave to loved ones.

A will does not make provision for gifts during your lifetime or necessarily make full use of spousal inheritance tax allowance, where available.

In other words, effective estate planning covers much more than ensuring you have an up-to-date will. It ensures you leave as much of your assets as possible to the people you care about with minimum taxation and distribution delays.

Avanta Investment Management Limited works with appropriately qualified legal practitioners to help you:

Determine who you want your estate to benefit

Laws worldwide differ as to how assets can be bequeathed, with some countries dictating automatic rights for heirs, despite your intentions. Other countries allow you more choice in deciding who you want to benefit from your estate. Either way, reviewing available options and making sure that you have done as much as possible to have the people you wish to help receive as much as possible after taxes is undoubtedly the best way to proceed.

Faster transfer

No one wants to put their loved ones through an expensive, drawn-out process for settling the estate when it can easily be avoided with careful planning. Effective estate planning can ensure your beneficiaries receive their inheritances quickly and keep legal costs down.

Extended Families

With more blended families, step-children, and children living with one parent rather than the other, you may want to ensure your assets are passed on to your blood relatives. Family relationships can already be strained in times of bereavement. Having your wishes clearly and unambiguously documented in an updated and valid will goes a long way to reducing the pressures on remaining family members. Avanta Investment Management Limited’s estate planning services ensure complete confidentiality allowing you to make the choices you want without external pressures.

Minimizing Tax

The impact an unexpected or larger-than-expected tax bill can have on remaining family members can be devastating. If unprepared, assets or even the family home may have to be sold to settle tax liabilities. Preparation and an understanding of what potential liabilities could amount to make forward planning possible. Insurance policies can be written, trusts set up, or other measures can be taken that reduce the burden. Tax rules vary worldwide, so tax advice will be needed from a qualified expert in your country.