Investment Management

Futureproofing Strategies

Investment Management

At Avanta Investment Management Limited, each client`s specific goals and requirements are evaluated to ensure we employ an appropriate strategy aligned with their needs.

Establishing needs and requirements

The first step in any process is to listen to our clients. What are their current assets, what are they trying to achieve, and how long do we have to get there? Whether the assets Avanta Investment Management Limited will be managing are only part of your overall wealth or the whole amount, a frank and open dialogue will help us establish the starting point and give us the basic information needed to set off in the right direction. We will discuss whether you are looking for income or growth, if you can tolerate high-risk investments or prefer low, what timeframe we have to work with (perhaps until retirement), your family situation, and other factors that will influence how we construct a portfolio of investments that is appropriate and will help you to achieve the goals you have set.

Evaluating the macro environment

The macro-environment looks at trends in the GDP, inflation, employment, spending, and monetary and fiscal policies of different countries. Data about the macro environment helps us to determine areas of potentially faster growth as well as places that are slowing down.

Asset Allocation

Selecting the right allocation of asset classes for each client is critical as it sets the tone for the portfolio`s future direction. We monitor a broad range of international, emerging, ethical and income-generating asset classes and assess the appeal for each against the parameters established by our earlier conversations with each client. Taking all this information into account, we choose a position and either overweight or underweight our positioning in each class. Some classes may be excluded because of moral or ethical restrictions, risk tolerances, or other features that do not align with the client’s needs and requirements.

Custom-built Portfolios

After deciding the correct asset allocation for a portfolio, we put together a calculated, unique mix of asset classes and individual investments.

Some examples of the investments that go into building a well-balanced investment portfolio include:

  • Blue Chips
  • Small-Caps
  • Preferred
  • Growth Stocks
  • Value Stocks
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

  • Commodities
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Managed Futures

  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • International Bonds

Refinements and Adjustments

The process of managing an investment portfolio is continuous. Not only do we monitor the underlying holding to ensure the individual investments held are still the ones we believe have the best growth potential, but we also check to make sure that the balance and weightings are still within the established risk parameters and make adjustments and refinements to the holdings as and when we feel it is warranted.

Client Reviews

With regular client communications, we can be made aware of any changes in the client’s circumstances that will impact how we manage the portfolio. Changes could include earlier than anticipated retirement, illness, marriage, divorce, a sudden need for capital, or a range of other life issues that will lead to a change in how the portfolio is managed.