Our Process

Empathy, Honesty, and Conviction.

Our Process

Avanta Investment Management Limited fosters long-term relationships with clients that are based on appreciating and understanding the world from the client’s perspective, open and frank communication, and confidence in the strength of our research, workforce, and ability.

The process begins with an initial conversation and follows an established process that establishes the unique parameters each client presents. Each step of the process helps us to define and refine how best the needs of the client can and should be met.

We create a unique plan for each client, specifically to achieve the goals and needs that have been established. Input for the plan is sought from all areas of our company to provide a holistic overview that incorporates financial planning, investment management, estate planning, and other specialties.

Step One

The first step in any conversation is to establish what assets and liabilities the client currently have and where those assets are held. What plans, if any, are already in place, what estate planning has been undertaken, is there insurance cover, and is it sufficient? What are any current and projected future financial needs, family situation, and other factors need to be established that will provide a starting point for moving forward?

Step Two

After completing the initial factfinding, we can look at factors such as the intended timeline we are working with, what levels of risk are acceptable or suitable, define any investment restrictions on moral, ethical, or other grounds and discuss the intended goals.

Step Three

By taking the above information and the intended goals, we devise and present a comprehensive plan incorporating the full range of wealth management solutions, including investment allocation, estate planning, charitable giving, and other factors that come to light during the discovery process.

Step Four

After thoroughly explaining and discussing all aspects of the proposed plan with the client and fine-tuning if necessary, we move to implement the plan. The implementation may be carried out in one go or spread over some time if, for example, existing investments are being sold or there are tax issues to take into account.

Step Five

Even after implementation, the process does not end. The investments and other aspects of the wealth plan are regularly reviewed to ensure alignment with established parameters, adjust asset allocations or take into account changes in the client’s circumstances.