Philanthropic Planning

Enduring and Impactful Legacies

Philanthropic Planning

Avanta Investment Management Limited works with individual and their families to prepare philanthropic and charitable giving plans that last years, decades, and even over multiple generations.

Philanthropy can be transformative and is an effective way to give to good causes you believe in, helping to ensure the cause’s long-term future while still meeting personal planning goals. It is an integrated solution that meets the needs of both the family and the charity for today and the future.

Philanthropy is an integral part of a democratic society as philanthropists do not answer to the government or the public, so they can independently choose the people and causes to support. These may be causes that would otherwise not have support or funding from governments or the general public. The most well-known forms of giving include trusts, foundations, and outright gifts of money, time, or resources.

The legacy you leave behind amounts to much more than simply the value of your assets. Through careful planning, you are able to leave moral guidance and impact the well-being of your family and beneficiaries for many years to come.

Benefits of Philanthropic Planning

As you start to consider philanthropic planning, an important question to ask yourself is, why do you want to give?

What are you trying to achieve, and what people, charities, or organizations are important to you? What kind of world do you want to live in, and how can your philanthropic efforts positively impact change?

People will have a range of different answers to these questions. Just as everyone leads a life unique from each other, everyone will have different goals, objectives, and intentions when giving.

Holistic Planning

For some, creating an impactful and enduring legacy is the crowning glory of their life`s work. Avanta Investment Management Limited can help you achieve this objective by creating plans that care for those close to you, now and long after you are gone. By having a holistic overview of your entire financial world, including investments, properties, family circumstances, needs, and objectives, Avanta Investment Management Limited helps facilitate a philanthropic plan that fits seamlessly with your other financial goals, needs and plans. Qualified legal and tax specialists will need to be consulted to ensure these plans are allowable in your country, make full use of available allowances, and do not incur unnecessary tax liabilities either for you in the present or for your beneficiaries` future.

Philanthropic plans should be considered alongside estate planning and frequently revisited to ensure they still suit your needs.

Giving away cash and assets is easy, but making sure your gifts have a real impact in the way you intend requires much more thought and planning.

Developing a cohesive plan

Philanthropic planning needs to be aligned and remain in sync with the financial goals and ambitions of your family, business, and estate. Avanta Investment Management Limited will navigate you through the strategies that could save you and your family from avoidable income and estate taxes.

Establishing well-defined philanthropic giving plans is increasing in importance for many individuals and can protect their family`s financial future and help prepare them for the responsibilities of being the custodians of family wealth.

Long term commitment

Planning your enduring legacy is one part of your overall wealth plan that needs attention from time to time and is not a one-time fix. As needs, circumstances, and objectives change over time, the plans you have in place need to be updated to adapt and align with your new reality.