Achieving Long-Term Objectives

Discretionary Portfolios

The chosen approach for many clients is to have the daily oversight of their investment portfolio managed by competent professionals.

Avanta Investment Management Limited discretionary portfolios keep you updated with recent transactions and activity without the need to have to contact or consult you each time a change is made. This freedom allows the investment manager to make changes at the best time and not miss opportunities because contact with the client can’t be made in time. This ability to react and respond quickly typically leads to an improvement in overall performance.

If you travel frequently, have little or no interest or knowledge of the financial markets, or simply have better things to do with your time, discretionary portfolio management is the best option for you.

The actions your account manager takes on your behalf are aligned with the parameters of risk tolerance, needs, aims, and requirements that were established when your portfolio was first set up, plus any changes in your circumstances that have occurred since.

As all our services are tailored to the client`s unique requirements, you have the option to decide how much or how little you are contacted. You will, of course, receive regular statements and can view your account online at any time.

With discretionary portfolio management, you have the best of both worlds. You can rest assured that your investments are receiving the highest possible levels of attention and care without having to spend the time and effort researching and deciding on which investments to make.

Advisory Portfolios

Highly knowledgeable and experienced investment specialists will consult you on all decisions related to your investments. With advisory portfolios, your account manager will suggest changes to the underlying holdings in your portfolio that we would like to make and seeks your consent before proceeding. Changes may be advised due to rebalancing, better prospects for growth being available elsewhere, or a change to the rating of a holding necessitating a sale or purchase.

Advisory portfolios are better suited to clients that have a thorough understanding and experience of the financial markets and are easily contactable when changes are proposed. As the final decision on whether an investment transaction is carried out depends on client approval, the ability of the portfolio manager to execute rapid and opportune transactions may be lost. This can lead to a reduction in the portfolio`s overall performance compared to similarly positioned discretionary portfolios.

Ethical Portfolios

Ethically restricted portfolios can be either discretionary or advisory, although both types are limited as to the scope of investments that can be made. Having ethical restrictions placed on the investment manager to avoid certain areas, industries, or companies that you have a moral or other objection to does not necessarily mean the portfolio`s performance will be negatively affected.

Ethical portfolio management has been on the increase over the past few years. It can have a positive impact on an affected company’s behavior and help steer companies that are not included in the ‘ethical sphere to improve. Not being included in an ethical or green portfolio can negatively affect the share price of companies and is another factor in influencing their behavior and operations moving forward. If you have moral, ethical, or other reasons that you would not want to have your money invested in a specific country, company, business sector, or other area, please contact your account manager and let them know so your wishes can be accommodated.